Premier PTFE Molding Services

Ultra-High-Purity PTFE

The molding of our clean PTFE is completed in an ISO-7 clean room with strict procedures for molding and sintering. We use state-of-the-art tools, presses, and ovens. You know you can count on Industrial Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. for your High Purity PTFE, TFM (modified resin).

Every job we perform is traceable by the material used, batch number, specific die used, pressure used, dwell time, pressure, oven used, and exact oven sintering cycle. Equipment is calibrated on a regular schedule to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

IFP specializes in near net shapes of blocks, rods and tubes. All of our material is compression molded with purity in mind.  

Learn About the Mold Process

First, resins are loaded into the die with minimal handling in a strict soft-sided clean room within a cleanroom. Press speed, pressure and dwell time at pressure are carefully monitored and recorded, given that they are so critical to the final product.

Afterward, the preform is removed from the die and placed in a stainless steel lined over. The oven, located in the clean room, is computer controlled to assure consistent even sintering. Our sintering process, while longer than other molders, ensures that you receive stress-free parts that are completely sintered.

Industries served include Semiconductor, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Industrial. Pharmaceutical.  
We are suppliers of BAM Tested Material for use in liquid oxygen as well. All Dyneon materials listed below are BAM Tested. Certs with BAM testing provided upon request. 
Resins stocked:

Daikin M-12, M-17, M-111 modified.
Dyneon (3M) TF1620, TF1750, TFM1600, TFM1700, TF4105 

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